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CISC 7332X Local Computer Networks

Fall 2019

by Professor Hui Chen, CUNY Brooklyn College

Section T6

Class Meeting: 06:05 - 08:10pm, Tuesday
Classroom: 137 Ingersoll Hall Extension

Review Topics II (2 of 2)

The Structure of the Exam

  • Final Exam is cumulative.
  • For all topics, you should be able to gain sufficient competency so that you can complete all the homework questions and exercises independently very well with confidence.
    • Questions for the most part will resemble the exercises and homework assignment questions.

Review I

  • All items in Review I

Sections in the Textbook

  • Sections 4.1 - 4.2
  • Sections 4.3 - 4.4, and 4.8
  • Sections 5.1 - 5.2, 5.5 - 5.6

Topics Covered

  • channel allocation problem; characteristics of network traffic; static channel allocation; dynamic channel allocation; multiple access protocols
  • CSMA/CD; Ethernet; MACA; CSMA/CA;
  • LAN switching
  • packet switching (concept, datagram, virtual circuit, and source routing)
  • internetworks, basics of the Internet, and (intradomain) routing

Homework and Exercises

  • Questions 2 and 3 in Chapter 4 of the textbook
  • Exercises C12a-1, C12a-2
  • Exercises C13a-1, C13a-2, C13a-3, C13b-1, C13b-2, and C13b-3
  • Exercises C14a-1, C14a-2, C14a-3, C14a-4, C14b-1, and C14b-2